Friday, May 22, 2009

New Website Features... here we go!

So I won't overwhelm you with ALL of the new website features in one post. Rather, I'll highlight 2-3 at a time, so you can get used to them at a good pace.
Biggest change: SHIPPING RATES!
  • Our new shipping rates are SWEEEEEET! All US Orders over $75 are FREE, and under $75 - just $4.95.
  • Because $4.95 is so low (and postage rates did just go UP btw) we will decide how to ship your package. It may come 1st class, Priority Mail, UPS ground or Parcel Post.
  • If you want your package to come faster, you can choose a UPS expedited option. You will pay based on the rate of your order. We have a handy shipping calculator right in the cart that gives you an immediate shipping quote!

  • Locals - you can specify PICKUP as a shipping method! Finally!
  • International folks - NO MORE SURCHARGES! Your shipping is calculated by weight directly in the shopping cart so you'll know exactly what the charges are.
And now you can become a member of our site!
As a member, you can:
  • Set up multiple ship-to addresses
  • Set up reminders for special events, like your knitting friends' birthdays, upcoming knitting classes, etc.
  • View all the details of all of your past orders (of course this is new, so it's as of 5/19/09!)
  • Quickly reorder products you've purchased before from us
  • Create a wishlist and send it to all of your friends!
  • As a member, you will receive special promotional codes that non-members will NOT receive. These codes will be ONLY for you, they will not work for anyone who is not a member.

Check out your recently viewed products!
The last feature I will mention today (so many more to come!) is a cool little something in the left nav bar. If you scroll down you can see the last 5 products you were viewing. So it's pretty easy to go back and find things you may have skimmed over!

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