Thursday, February 14, 2008

Where's Waldo?

Not this Waldo. But Waldo, Ohio! Yesterday we were priviledged to have a visit from Michele's mother-in-law, Merry Lou and her husband Don, who are in town visiting from Waldo, Ohio. She has to drive over 40 miles (or did she say minutes? can't remember... anyway, that's too long!) to get to her closest yarn shop, but she drove over 700 miles just to come to our shop!

Well, okay, they came to visit Michele, Brett and the kids, and to bring back all of Michele and Brett's Christmas presents that were too big to fit in their car, when they drove back from Ohio after the holidays. (One of these gifts is Brett's worm farm. I'm sure there's an interesting story there...)

Anyway, Merry Lou is a faithful blog reader, and she and Don braved the snowy-icy-freezing-rain-covered streets so she could come in and get her yarn fix. She came in with her own canvas bag (she read about our bag credits!) and a big list of all the things she's seen on our site that she wanted to touch in person. She's big into sock knitting - but she's starting to do some hats now. She picked up some Malabrigo Chunky to make the button band hat. She is also going to make the Cable & Rib Hat, but instead of Frog Tree and Foliage, she chose Nashua Handknits Vignette. She read Barb's entry about her Gansy class, and she bought the Gansy book. We had fun chatting about knitting, cooking, eating out (and some too salty experiences), travels, Michele's famous holiday cookies (which by the way, we're SURE she's making for us... after all it IS Valentine's Day!) With all the talk about food, I wonder why Merry Lou did not tell me that Waldo, OH is the home of the WORLD'S MOST FAMOUS BOLOGNA!
After all, she's knows how much we enjoy eating! Might just have to plan a reciprocal visit to get some of that fried bologna.

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