Friday, February 01, 2008

I'm a Hat Girl

Some people knit sweaters, some knit socks, some knit scarves and shawls. Me, I'm a hat girl. Though I have knit all of the others, it's hats that I prefer. There's something about sitting down and watching a few episodes of Project Runway or LOST, and at the end... a project fully completed. They go so quickly, and everyone I've knitted for loves them. What a perfect gift!

In fact, I knit just about everyone on my Christmas list a hat - thank goodness for my Addi Turbos! Now that the Christmas knitting is finished, it's time for knitting for ME. I just completed a simple, chunky black hat with a big ol' button on the side. I used Blue Sky Bulky, and I love this yarn! It's so soft and cozy and super duper fast to knit (I think I even had this one done before Heidi Klum could say, "designer so-and-so, "you're out!")

I already have a list of other colors I want to make out if it. The black was safe, but I think the next color will have to be a bit brighter.

Speaking of brighter I am almost finished with my Asymetrical Cable Hat. This is knit out of the extra soft Malabrigo Chunky in Vermillion. What an awesome color this is! I immediately gravitated to the wall where it hangs from and pulled a skein off for a hat. I flipped through some patterns and decided on the Asymetrical Cabled Hat which comes from the book OneSkein. Now, I am a sucker for changing things up a bit, so I didn't exactly stick to the pattern. I did use the pattern as a guide though, and it gave me some graph reading practice!

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Natalie said...

I love those hats!! I hope to pay a visit to your store in a few weeks. can't wait!