Monday, February 18, 2008

Times haven't changed, all that much

This past Sunday was spent mostly in the car... we drove the girls to see the Hannah Montana movie in Hooksett, NH. It was really cool - the 3D stuff was impressive to say the least. Helen and Sophie were wide eyed, throughout. I was blown away by the people in the movie trying to dress and look like HM, even wearing HM wigs! There were thousands of young girls on screen screaming at the top of their lungs at this concert. I guess HM is quite the sensation with my daughters' generation. My first reaction was to laugh, but I was young once too. Weren't we all?

I didn't have a favorite singer when I was 8. But this movie brought back memories of my high school days, when all my friends had their bedroom walls plastered with posters of Michael Jackson... the Michael Jackson of way back, who we all thought was cute, and normal! (How things have changed.) And Madonna, whose songs we all knew every word to and played over and over in our "walkmen." In September of 1984, my senior year in high school, I saw Michael Jackson moonwalk in front of 60,000 screaming people who were mostly wearing white socks and lone white gloves. I went to Madonna's Like a Virgin concert in May of 1985, and I am guilty of wearing black leggings, an off the shoulder top and tons of black rubber bracelets. So I can relate to these little girls, in a way.

Anyway, on the drive back we made a quick stop in Bow, NH to drop off some Purelife Cotton for Joy. She has started knitting a beautiful sweater for herself out of the Yellowwood color. It is really nice! She needed more of it, and she is only a mile off the highway, so I told here we'd stop by. We've dropped off yarn before, but this time I went in to see her place. She has all these beautiful paintings on her walls and I noticed on that on the lower right hand corners, there are three letters "J-O-Y". Now I was amazed enough, to find out that she had done them herself. But when she told me she did them between the ages of 10 and 12? I was a bit speechless. This was my favorite:
And this:
Check out the detail:
And this:
And this was a bird she had done when she was only 5 years old.
Nice to have a talent like that! Well, it's really just one of many. She showed me all of her recent knitting projects, some finished, some not, some hers, some for the shop.
She posed with Sophie for a picture, when I noticed a gorgeous throw on her couch!
I thought it looked familiar! Remember this?
Times have changed - something that was so in fashion several years ago, looks so out of fashion now. But how stunning it looks on a handsome leather couch!

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