Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Finally, a finished hat

It's been sitting in the classroom for weeks now, and it's finally done! I knit the hat but wasn't too sure of my artistic ability when it came to the needle felting. So I asked Michele to do it, and both she and Kalen contributed some flowers, and yay! It's done.
Very cute! Now I just have to find my notes from when I made up the pattern... Need to recreate it. Why am I always so bad about keeping good notes?

We've been going through a lot of tea recently - we've sold Harney teas for several years now, and we just love them! Many of our internet customers have been turned ON to Harney - most of our boxes go out with a little Harney tea sample... and we're amazed at how many of our customers love tea!

Every afternoon I seem to need a pick-me-up at about 3:30. My favorite is the Hot Cinnamon Sunset - a black tea with 3 types of cinnamon, orange peel and sweet cloves. Yum! I had been drinking the Hot Cinnamon Sunset for about a month, when I started to have difficulty falling asleep at night. It's most likely NOT the tea's fault, as it was during the last full moon, and I often have difficulty sleeping during the full moon. But I figured it couldn't hurt to switch to a decaf tea, so I switched to the African Autumn, which is a blend of herbal Redbush, cranberry and oranges. It is delicious! And so no more counting sheep for me!
I just finished a gorgeous scarf out of Pure & Simple. I can only show you this much... ... because it's in Massachussetts at a Tilli Tomas photo shoot right now, along with several skeins of our custom colorway "Leaf Peepers". They are doing a shoot for fall ads and may use our stuff... COOL!

I'm also working on a cute little sweater from the Nashua Handknits Blossom booklet. I chose the Cascade Cotton Rich DK and I am really enjoying working with it. I had already knit a swatch with this yarn and really liked it. It has very subtle color variations that add some nice depth to the finished piece. The sweater I'm making is cute - and should be done soon as it's only a 3-6 month size.
We've already made two other models (still drying!) from this book - it's a keeper. We used the new pink Ecologie Cotton for one, and the Purelife Cotton in Lipstick Tree for the other.

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Becca said...

Very cool hat! Love how it fits.

I was in the other day and bought the Cotton Rich DK for a summer sweater. I'm finished the back already and it's LOVELY. Thanks for your help in choosing it.