Saturday, February 09, 2008

Seeing Red (yarns) on a Snowy Saturday

We're definitely in the white here. The snow has gotten heavier this afternoon and tomorrow could be another nice dump day. We had a great beginners knitting class here at the shop with 5 enthusiastic people this morning. One woman picked it up so quickly that her first project is going to be a sweater! Good for her!

We've had a huge response to our Valentine's email, that went out yesterday afternoon. I've been in shipping for most of the day, and I was even able to get a good number of packages out first thing this morning, as I got in early, and whizzed through anything that was going Priority Mail. By the time Elwyn (our mail carrier) stopped in to pick up the packages from yesterday, I'd added about 15 more to the pile.

I had so many emails asking what yarns I used in the email I sent out yesterday. I really didn't give much thought to it... I just went down into the shop, grabbed some yarns that were different, interesting, and in shades of reds. Anyway, they all looked great, and I guess many of you out there agreed, since this morning after I responded to people, we've had a rush on those yarns. So here they are, to save time...

1. Manos Cotton Stria - color RED
2. Colinette Jitterbug - color TAPIS
3. Berroco Seduce - color CINNABAR LAQUER
4. Schaefer Anne - color BRIGHTS (these skeins are ONE-OF-A-KIND, this colorway has already sold. But be creative! Pick something else, or ask us and we'll do it for you!)
5. Rowan Damask - color ZIRCONE
6. Frog Tree Alpaca - color 24
7. Berroco Jasper - color ROJO CORALITA
8. Tilli Tomas Flurries - color RASPBERRY

Several of our customers are planning to make mixed fiber shawls. These yarns are pretty much fingering, sport and worsted weight yarns. But there are no rules with mixed fiber shawls so it doesn't matter that they aren't all the same weight.

Enjoy the snow tomorrow, if you are getting it. See you next week!

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