Friday, February 15, 2008

Classic Elite Soft Linen

So Marc and I are heading south on Sunday to take the girls to see the Hannah Montana Best of Both Worlds Concert Movie. They are going to FREAK out when I tell them this afternoon.

The bad news is that we have to drive 2 hours to see it... apparently Vermont has no 3-D theaters. The good news is that the theater is just minutes away from Target, and I love a good trip to Target! I will also have about 4 hours of knitting time, so I'm about to head downstairs to see what needs to be done.

I've recently swatched some new yarns.One of them was the Classic Elite Soft Linen. This is a really nice blend of baby alpaca, wool and linen. The color palette is just amazing - really soft and mature. There are several that are tied for my favorite! The yarn was very nice to knit, but I liked it even more after I blocked the swatch. It really softened up and the stitches evened out. It would make a beautiful sweater! We still have a couple of colors on backorder for this yarn, and I imagine they will be as nice as the ones we have in stock.

The pattern support for this yarn is also great - Classic Elite always does a wonderful job with patterns. They are classic, yet current at the same time. We have already sold out of the Make it Modern booklet, but we have more on the way. This booklet has a lot of great patterns! The Hoodie is popular:The Feather and Fan Cardigan is advertised in Interweave and is also popular:The Button Up Shrug is cool - can be worn as a shrug, or opened up and worn as a shawl.There are also some patterns for Cotton Bam Boo, which I decided not to stock, but hey, it's all about substitutions, so go for it! There's the Girl-Tank and the Fluttery Sleeve Top:and the Smock Top:All very nice! So definitely a booklet worth buying.

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