Wednesday, July 25, 2012

The trouble with working in a yarn shop...

contributed by Emily

I was on restock duty in the shop the other day. This may sound like a boring task, but remember – I work in a yarn shop, so this task is loaded with hidden dangers!

For instance, I’ve been ogling this lovely crocheted afghan for ages now. (Please click on the link for the beautiful pictures!) Lucky for me, I can read the German pattern!

Well, it turns out that while I was checking the Berroco Vintage yarns for restock, it suddenly clicked in my brain – Hey! Vintage now comes in two gorgeous shades of grey, perfect for that blanket!
Like I said, this job has its share of dangers!


Erika Mellmann said...

All I know is that I'd never get a paycheck if I worked in a yarn shop. :)

Emily said...

Yes! Some weeks it basically amounts to working for yarn instead of a paycheck, and I'm totally okay with that. (My husband, on the other hand...)