Thursday, July 26, 2012

Temptations, temptations, temptations…

contributed by Emily

It is really unfair that whenever we get new stuff in the shop I am forced to unpack it, price it, and put it out for sale on the shelves. How on Earth am I supposed to exercise any self-restraint! The worst offender this summer has been, hands down, the new Jordana Paige knitting bags.
LJ Kaelms Knitting Bag
Rio Bag
There is so much to love with these new bags –

  • The faux leather is super-supple and the colors are just gorgeous (I’m eyeing the green one!)
  • The straps are the perfect length – long enough to throw over your shoulder, but short enough that you can carry the bag in your hand.
  • The pockets – THE POCKETS!! – how do I describe the awesomeness of these pockets without sounding like a fawning sycophant? I can’t. I am a fawning sycophant! These pockets were obviously designed by a knitter.
Little pockets for your needles
Zip cases for your notions
Yarn sleeves with an elasticized top to keep your ball in place
And a sleeve for your iPad or knitting magazines!!

Have I mentioned my weak willpower? This bag is sorely testing me…

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Rica said...

They could just
Pay me in yarn and accessories!