Sunday, July 29, 2012

Perfect summer project

contributed by Barb

Before the birth of my second child I did a lot of quilting.  I have a background in accounting and so I'm a numbers person. That's why I loved all the geometric patterns.  One that always stood out for me was the Log Cabin design. Log Cabin blocks can look so different, depending on how they are arranged.

Earlier this summer I found a crochet pattern for a log cabinblock. In addition to using different colors, it uses different stitch patterns so I knew it would be really fun to make. I decided to start a new blanket for my bed.  

This project - since each block is separate - is perfect for summer! Who wants a big, warm blanket in your lap when it's hot out? I found plenty of color choices with the Berroco Vintage yarn.  I had already used this to make the Chic Knits Cassidy Sweater (past blog here) and knew I would like the result.  

I brought in the blocks and Jill and I had fun arranging them in different layouts.

I'm still not sure how I'll put it together. Maybe this way?
Or this way?

What do you think!?

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Joy said...

As a former quilter myself, I like the arrangement of the first one best. I like the way the light and dark areas play together.