Thursday, July 12, 2012

Dr. Who? Brown Sheep for You!

contributed by Shawn

Ever since we started offering our customers every color of Brown Sheep yarns  we've been getting orders for a rather peculiar color combination. It occurs most often on orders for Brown Sheep Nature Spun Worsted or Nature Spun Sport yarns. 

Here's the color combination. Any ideas what people are making with it?
The colors (left to right) are Red Fox, Saddle Tan, Wood Moss, Chocolate Kisses, Goldenrod, Spiced Plum and Stone.

I admit, I finally had to ask one of our customers why we keep getting so many orders for this particular combination of colors. (I am not a regular television watcher - this is my excuse for not being able to figure this out on my own!)

Turns out that with this color combo you can make your very own Dr. Who scarf (the original version).  In fact, there is an entire website devoted to knitting the Dr. Who scarf in various forms that even details how manyrows of each color to knit to get the best match to the television version!

There are variations for different scarves as they appeared in different seasons of the show since the scarf went through some evolution over time.  (I did read the history section!)

My favorite part is the photos. Check them out!

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This is a nerdtastic post!