Monday, July 02, 2012

Cirrus clouds are in the forecast

contributed by Barb

Cirrus clouds are characterized by thin, wispy strands.  Cirrus is also a brand new yarn from Berroco, and it's a great name, since it's as light and airy as a cloud!

Jill and I were really excited about this yarn when we first saw it in May at our sales appointment. We couldn't wait to make something out of it so we ordered a bag of it to be shipped to the shop immediately so we could start a sample. 

The tough part was figuring out which sample to make, since there are a number of good ones in Berroco Book #323 Cirrus. Should we make the Vergoose Sweater:
We finally settled on the Germane Vest from the new Norah Gaughan Collection Volume 11.  This vest is so lightweight and cozy! It looks amazing on and is very on trend with what we're seeing for styles right now.
I must say I am not a fan of mohair, but this one is definitely an exception!  I very much enjoyed knitting with this yarn, despite the fact that I did have to rip out a large section. (This was my own fault - I misread a part of the pattern!) I  am looking forward to wearing the vest this winter.
Jill's about to make the Ryll Headband - which is a one skein project and should be quick. I'm sure she'll like the yarn as much as I did.

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