Sunday, November 27, 2011

Sense of Accomplishment

We all love a sense of accomplishment. And here's a great project that will give you some almost instant satisfaction. This vest is the perfect way to perk up your cozy factor and you'll be finished knitting in a jiffy!

The Wendell vest is knit in one of Berroco's new lightweight large gauge yarns - Souffle.  (You really do owe it to yourself to stop in the shop and squish a skein of this yarn for yourself so know what I mean!) The finished vest is irresistible on a blustery day.
Don't be afraid of this super bulky project if you've encountered finishing issues in the past.  Sometimes working with such large gauge yarns = super bulky seams that just aren't as flattering as you were hoping. Well the folks at Berroco have some EXCELLENT tips for finishing this vest so you do NOT end up with super bulky seams in your finished garment.  Check it out!

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