Thursday, November 03, 2011

Coordinating Colors: We Can Help!

We just put a number of new Manos patterns up on the website yesterday, and it sparked some questions from customers as there are 2 fun afghan patterns for the Wool Clasica

and the Sherwood Afghan:
Our customers were interested in making these afghans, but wanted to incorporate the October Limited Edition Manos color. They just weren't sure which regular colors to use with it!
Manos Wool Clasica Limited Edition Colorway for October 2011
So Shawn went down into the shop and played with the Manos Wool Clasica (I'm envious!) and came up with some good suggestions that will certainly help anyone looking to use the October Limited Edition colorway with any of the other Manos colors.

The October color is a variegated but with neutral tones. For a really monochromatic look, the browns, beiges and greys work very well with these shades:
Pictured from top: Putty (K), Dove (19), October L.E. Color, Silica (30), Oilslick (34)
And to make something with a little more pop... but not TOO much contrast... we suggest these shades: 
Pictured from top: Coffee (G), Rose (24), Thrush (37), October L.E. Color, Uranium (35), Briar (44), Wheat (64), Pewter (65)
Shawn says that every time she gets a request to put together Manos colors, she starts dreaming of beautifully color coordinated Manos afghans!  She wishes she had more time to knit one for herself, but in the meantime, she really enjoys living vicariously through all of your Manos projects!

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