Thursday, November 10, 2011

Oregon Woodworker Table Swift

contributed by Chrissy

Like many knitters, I was obliged in my early years to rely on various forms of assistance when winding hanks of yarn into more easily usable skeins.  If a friend or relative was not nearby, I often resorted to chairs, and in some instances my own two knees to help hold my yarn as I wound.  Not an optimal arrangement. Definitely not comfortable. 
I was so excited when I tried the Mama Bear woodentable swift from Oregon Woodworker.  This swift is beautifully crafted from solid hardwood.  It is fully adjustable for a wide range of hank sizes, highly portable, and easy to store.  The best part though was its smooth and quiet operation.  My winding literally flies by in minutes, especially when the swift is paired with a table clip ball winder.  

As a novice spinner, I also appreciate how the Mama Bear Swift can reverse to create hanks of homespun right off my bobbins.  I love multifunctional items, especially when they free up my time for more knitting and spinning!

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