Monday, August 22, 2011

Fall's Coming. Wrap Your Head Around It.

Even though things in Vermont are not quite as fall-like as they are here in Finland, our Vermont customers have started to wrap their heads around fall projects. And by "wrap their heads" we find it interesting that a lot of people are making just that... head wraps! Hats, beanies, berets, whatever you call them, they're always fun projects. And we have a few that are standing out as the favorites of the season.

The Zig Zag Tam has to be one of the leaders! Can you believe that these two hats were made with the SAME two colors of yarn? That's right. They just alternated the MC and the CC. Even if you knit two hats using the same colors (without alternating MC and CC) you will have two hats that appear different. The Classic Elite Liberty Wool is for sure one of my favorite yarns. I don't know why I love it (the colorways? the random striping? the softness? the washability? the hand?) but I do. Many customers are finding this hat irresistable, and I'm really not surprised at all. It's on my list as well.
Another is the Spiral Beanie. This one also quenches the thirst of color seekers. It's knit with just 2 skeins of Noro Silk Garden (can also be made in Noro Kureyon if you'd like) and the pattern is in the Knit Noro book. Remember Shawn's blog post about this book? Well the true Noro lovers (and new Noro lovers) came flocking, and it's safe to say that our customers have got a lot of Noro on the needles right now!
The Zeikova Hat is another one that is drawing attention. This style of hat - somewhat over-sized and slouchy - has a unisex look. And it only looks hard! This easy hat is reversible, and worked in two colors of Berroco Flicker, a gorgeous and soft alpaca chainette yarn with an ever so subtle glitter. The new shades that just came out are perfect for this hat.
All three of these are great hats for the coming cold season. And they'd be great as gifts too!

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