Sunday, August 14, 2011

Holiday Inspiration in August

contributed by Shawn

I hope we won't spoil anyone's fun this holiday season, but we just have to share these!

Pauli saw our SnoBuddies shop samples and knew exactly what she wanted to treat all of her children and their families to for the 2011 holiday season. She got the Knitting at Knoon Snobuddies pattern and has been VERY busy. She's made 47 of these little guys! Each one represents a member of her family - WOW! We are so impressed with this.
When she brought me the photo she also brought some snapshots of a couple of other projects.  She's been busy making small knitted toys for relatives she knows will appreciate them.  Here are a golden retriever (knit in Ella Rae Amity Print along with a few sheep knit in various worsted weight yarns.  

I know it's only August, but the holidays are fast approaching! If you are looking for some of these fun little toys to knit as gifts, check out the new Spud & Chloe at the Farm book, Itty Bitty Toys, and other Knitting at Knoon patterns.


Jill said...

Great job Pauli! I love the SnoBuddies clan!

Andra said...