Wednesday, August 31, 2011

We're Okay, Thanks!

We so appreciate the support of our customers and friends. We couldn't be here without you, and to know that you care and were worried about us during Hurricane Irene is so heartwarming. 

This past weekend's weather event was strong and scary. But we are fine. We had no flooding, no wind damage, no power outage. We are among the lucky ones. My staff - who all live in a pretty wide radius of Essex Jct - also weathered the storm very well, with perhaps some lack of power, but nothing else. It could have been so much worse for us, but it wasn't. For many others it was.

By now we've all seen the heartbreaking pictures and videos coming from towns all over Vermont: houses flooding and floating away, historic covered bridges collapsing into rivers and disappearing and sections of highways being broken up like potato chips. It just doesn't seem real.

We've had lots of customer emails over the past couple of days, asking us if we were okay and pouring out their sympathies for all of the people in our lovely state who have lost everything in Hurricane Irene. Thanks so much for your care and concern. Fortunately we do not need it, but we will pass it along to those who do. Our hearts go out to everybody in Vermont (and in other states) who was affected by Irene.

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