Monday, August 15, 2011

A quick peek at some of the new fall yarns

New yarns, new yarns! From novelties, to super bulkies, and ruffles to chainette, we’ve got em!

This year novelty yarns are back, but they’re not like the novelty yarns of 4-5 years ago. They’re packed with different colors, fibers and textures. A couple of my favorites are Trendsetter Venus and Trendsetter Rendezvous. These are colorful and soft, and great for quick hats and scarves. (Excuse the watermarks!)

Another popular trend this season is using super chunky yarns like Berroco Link and Trendsetter Orbit… We’ve got size 35 and 50 needles for these yarns. Talk about instant gratification!

And ruffles are everywhere… We’ve got Knitting Fever Flounce, Knitting Fever Triana and Trendsetter Flamenco to satisfy all of you ruffle fiends. These yarns can be knit by themselves, but try adding in a few rows at a time to accessories for a really great look.

Another big thing this year… chainette construction yarns that knit up quickly and a warm and are super lightweight. Rowan Alpaca Chunky and Plymouth DeAire are two examples, and are both great for cozy accessories and sweaters.

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