Thursday, July 28, 2011

Knitting with Staples

And no, I don't mean the bent pieces of metal that hold papers together! I mean staple patterns. Do you have any?

A staple pattern for me is one I use over and over and over. It's a pattern that is well written and easy to understand. A pattern I can use as a launching pad for my own creativity. One that gives me the basic sizing information, that can be customized by my own yarn choice, or by my addition of a stitch pattern. 

Figheadh Yarnworks Fundamentals patterns are all staples. The patterns in this series are all for basic items like hats, socks, sweaters and vests, but they cover a huge range of sizes and they're all written for multiple yarn weights. It's such a bonus when you can use a pattern multiple times!

We sell almost all of the Figheadh patterns in the shop, and we carry ALL of their PDF patterns. I'm thrilled about the PDF versions - my new printer was recently having issues and it would NOT print. So I emailed the PDF that I was working on to my Kindle, and I was in business!

The Figheadh pattern I'm doing is a new one: #F11 Top Down Baby Cardigan. With all the baby knitting people like to do, this one is a must have. You can make the same sweater over and over, and never have it look the same!

Mine is knitting up so quickly! I am using the Classic Elite Liberty Wool Print, which is new for us this year. I wanted to bring it in to the shop last year, but didn't. Lesson learned... I should have! We're always looking for more variegated or self striping yarns in worsted weight and this was a great addition. This yarn comes in beautiful colors that work well for both adults and kids, and it's machine washable and soft. I'm really enjoying working with it, and glad I will have enough left to whip up a hat of some sort.

As you can see, I finally got my printer to work. An upcoming car trip and a dead Kindle battery was a good motivator for me to tackle the printer issues. I won!

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