Thursday, July 07, 2011

And Chrissy found yarn bombings as well!

Chrissy was recently on vacation with her family in Washington state, and while we were catching up on Skype the other day she mentioned that she'd seen some really cool yarn bombings while she was there. She promised to send me the pictures and so here they are! They're quite impressive and clearly much larger than the one I found here in Finland! Here's what she said:


As promised here are the "yarn bombing" pics from Washington (I guess neither are true "bombings" as one was a fundraiser, and one was funded, but I thought they were fun anyway).

The first three were taken in Anacortes, WA. in front of a nice little yarn/needlepoint/quilting shop -- "Ana-Cross Stitch" The town ran a "paint the town purple" fundraiser for cancer research, and this was their contribution. All hand knit by the shop employees. Pic #3 was some excellent knitted sushi found inside the shop.

The second three I happened upon in Occidental Park near Pioneer Square in Seattle. These were machine knit, but added much warmth and color to a pretty dark part of town.


What beautiful pictures! I would want to walk through this park every day just to lift my spirits! To see more about this project, check out this link and look at all the cool pictures... and to read about the artist, see this one.

Thanks Chrissy!

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