Sunday, July 17, 2011

At The Farm

I'm so in love with the projects inside Susan B. Anderson's book At The Farm that I had to share them here... We've had the book in stock for a while now, but with my move I've been a bit tardy in adding some items to the website. I finally added this book a couple of days ago, and it's clearly a winner. I think it's the perfect gift for any expectant mom who knits.
It's a knit-and-read book, with 13 knitted projects and a cute story about Spud (a feisty pet sheep) and his owner Chloë (his perky owner) as they visit a farm and meet all of the animals that live there. The story is adorable, and the photography is beautiful.

Each of the projects in this book can be seen on Ravelry in detail, and they're worth a look. They're knitted in Spud & Chloë Sweater, Spud & Chloë Fine and Spud & Chloë Outer. Here's Spud with his beautifully textured coat - there's even a great video posted on how to do this stitch.
And here's Chloë sitting in the knitted barnyard with Spud and Brown Cow.
This is Little Lamb, a smaller and darker version of Spud:
Mother Hen and her chicks are great for little kids to play with. The chicks all fit underneath Mother Hen in an inside "pocket" and they come out of their own little shells. Very interactive!
The Piglet has cute pink ears and a fun curly tail.
There are more cute animals in this book... like a farm dog, a barn cat and little mice. And the "props" are just great... including hay bales, a bucket, a picket fence and a foldable "barn". It reminds me of the Fischer Price Playskool barn I had when I was little... but it's made by hand!

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