Sunday, May 01, 2011

Busting the stash, or at least trying to!

There are times when my stash just gets completely out of control. And while it's always great to have a stash - recently I've been trying to thin mine out.

When I started the little hat a couple of weeks ago, I needed 5 colors of in Sublime Baby Cashmere Merino Silk DK. The hat is small, and as with any fair isle project, at the end I had a lot of yarn left! I hate to use just a few yards of a new ball of yarn, and throw it into my stash, to sit and wait for another project.

So, I decided make
several smaller projects with my remnants. People always go crazy over baby bootie samples, so I did made a Bovva bootie, and then a Little Pump bootie for the shop (which still needs a button). And then I made the Vintage Racing Helmet which is just adorable! And then, because I loved how quickly that hat worked up, and wanted to make a little girl's hat, I made the Rosy Posy Hat. So sweet! The little flowers were so fun to make... no I-cord! Just a clever little cast on, bind off method that I will be using from now on. I did need to dig in my stash to find a remnant of a peach color for the flowers. Luckily I had some leftover from another sweater I'd made with this yarn.

And I'm not finished yet. I still have
enough left to make another two-tone Bovva bootie, and I'm going to make a couple versions of the Little Striped Clog.I know I'll never use up every scrap of this yarn, but I'm going to try my hardest!


Anonymous said...

Where can I find the pattern for the little striped clog--I've got to make some of those!!

Lynn said...

Yes, where can we find that pattern? It's adorable.

Emily said...

The pattern for the Little Striped Clog comes from "The Seventh Little Sublime Hand Knit Book."