Monday, May 09, 2011

Awesome new site feature!

We're super excited about a new feature that we just rolled out on our website...

ucing Product Q & A!

We get questions on our products on a daily basis. They usually come in by email, and we respond back with our answers by email. But we recently found that many times, we are answering the same questions over and over. And it's not the most efficient use of our tim
e! Nor is it efficient for our customers, to have to type out an email to us if they have a question on a product... that's already been asked and answered.

So... now when you are browsing our site, and you have a question on a specific product, just click on Ask a Question (right under t
he Product Review), and fire away! Someone on our staff will answer your question within 24 hours or less (possibly a bit longer if there's a Sunday involved). To view our answer, simply go back to the product the next day, and click on View Questions and Answers, Click on the arrow to reveal the answer, and voila! Another cool thing about this is that you can submit answers to other customers questions, too! Anytime you see a question along with our answer, you can add your own opinion by clicking Submit Your Response. Your response will show as soon as we've reviewed it.

We're also enhancing this feature one step more... but it won't be ready for a few more days. This enhancement will actually email you to let you know WHEN we've answered your question. Then you'll know exactly when to check the product for your answer.
We just launched this last Friday, and by the number of questions that were already asked over the weekend... we can tell it's a hit!

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