Friday, May 20, 2011

New Book Excitement

We just got a new book in the other day by Kim Hargreaves. It's called Cherished and is full of some really incredible items! Barb and Shawn and I were looking at it yesterday and we all agreed that it passes the 3 project test... where a book has to have at least three good projects in it in order to consider purchasing it. I think there are way more than 3!

Like the River skirt... a ribbed mini skirt with shaping done in Rowan Lima:
And Moon, a slouchy lace paneled hat done in Rowan Cocoon: And Skylark, a lace ribbed cardigan with a soft neckline, done in Rowan Lima: And Luna, a gorgeous raglan cardigan with beaded lace edging done in Kidsilk Haze (which we will soon be carrying again!): And Fayer, a relaxed sweater with a generous neck, done in Rowan Alpaca Cotton: It's kind of like going into a new store, and finding a ton of clothes that you LOVE... all in the same spot!

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