Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Sample Previews

These two projects are almost finished and we thought we'd share the previews!

Barb recently started a new scarf with
Filatura di Crosa Nirvana and Stacy Charles Crystal. It's knit in the round and all in stockinette. It was a perfect knitting project for last weekend when she watched her son Will graduate from college! A car ride, a long wait for the ceremony to start, the ceremony itself, and a return car ride meant lots of knitting time for Barb! It may not look like much now, but the trick is all in the finishing. It's in the round now, but it won't be later... Stay tuned for a gorgeous, lightweight scarf that will definitely WOW you!

And my Gaia is so close to being finished!
I just LOVE the Berroco Remix. It's so wonderful to knit with (and quick!) and the feel of the fabric is wonderful.

I was definitely frustrated at first when I had knit about 11" of the sweater and then happened upon a Ravelry group led by the designer that talked about erratas that she had found. Of course I went to Berroco to download another pattern, but it seems that not everything has been fixed on the new version (like the schematic!) I am very visual, and I often work directly from the schematic. When something is fixed in the written instructions but not in the schematic, I tend to go "grrrrr" a lot. (I have left a message with Berroco about this and hope they will soon fix it!)
I like the sweater - it's really cute on and it fits perfectly!
I have not done the sleeves yet, and when I tried it on last night, I actually - for a moment - considered just finishing the sleeve edging and making it sleeveless... But I think I will crank out the sleeves - that way it will be more useful with a few sundresses I have. Stay tuned for photos!

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