Friday, March 19, 2010

My new blocking station

Marc and I have lived in our house since November of 1994. And we've always wanted a fireplace. I mean, isn't a fireplace exactly what's needed during the cold Vermont winters? I think so.

Unfortunately, our house is a very open layout. Each room sort of flows into the next, and there aren't many interior walls. Most of the exterior walls have very long windows. So there really aren't many good choices for a fireplace.

This fall we decided we wanted to try to make it work. And we came up with the perfect spot. This silly little half wall, that "attempted" to divide the eating area from the family room became the new home of our gas fireplace. We love it!
My cats REALLY love it. Every time it's on, they come right over and get as close as they can. After a few minutes, they're asleep and purring loudly. They're like little drugged out kitties.
My cats get into everything. So why is it, that they have not yet jumped up on top of the fireplace? It's not that high. And it's NEW. Don't cats always investigate anything NEW? If I were a cat, I'd be up there in a heartbeat! Stretching out on the tile top, that's warm even when the fireplace isn't on (the pilot keeps it cozy) I'd be causing havoc up there, checking out those bookshelves. But they haven't even tried it yet.

I'm not complaining. I actually am thrilled that they don't go up there. It gives me a perfect spot to block my knitting projects! And to dry sweaters that need to be handwashed. I can't tell you how many times I've hand washed a sweater, laid it out on my mesh sweater rack, and come in 5 minutes later to find a stinkin' cat curled up on top of the wet sweater. It kills me!

Now that I have a new sweater blocking station, I can actually leave things out to dry, and not worry about 2 cat critters messing things up.

Speaking of blocking, my Rhythm Superwash project is going so quickly! I'm sad that it will be over soon, because the yarn is so much fun to use. I love starting a ball and not knowing what colors will appear as I knit!
I blocked the pieces last night, so I could get a handle on the finished size. These pictures are both off in color due to some early morning camera issues - sorry! The real color is sort of in between.
I only have 4 more hexagons to knit and then once they are blocked I will crochet everything together into a baby blanket. It's looking great!

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