Monday, March 15, 2010

Inspired by color

Our shipment of Jojoland Rhythm Superwash came in last Friday. We've had the regular Rhythm (that felts) for a long time now, and have done so well with it. Recently people have been asking for different colors, and the Superwash is available in different shades, so we brought it in. The price is only a bit more ($5.40 for the regular, $6 for the superwash) and the colors are fabulous!
I had enough time to photograph it and get it online just before I left on Friday. We had such a great time picking out our favorite shades.

#1 - Red Burst
#2 - Feeling Blue
#3 - Lilac in Bloom
#4 - Summer Landscape
#5 - Strawberry Sundae
#6 - Cosmic Burst
#7 - Taupe Eagle
#8 - Camoflauge

Shawn is partial to Cosmic Burst and Summer Landscape. Barb couldn't decide between Red Burst and Strawberry Sundae, and ended up starting a scarf with the Strawberry Sundae. I loved Feeling Blue and Lilac in Bloom, and started a project (below) in Lilac Bloom. And of course, Taupe Eagle and Camoflauge are gorgeous neutrals.

I decided on a portable project for kids. There will be seaming involved, or perhaps crocheting, but I really like the sense of accomplishment I get when working in pieces. And I am SO loving how this color is working out! I am dying to knit tonight!
I just packed up this same color for a customer of ours in NY who is making a Baby Suprise Jacket with it... I picked out a fun girly color of Berroco Vintage for some contrast stripes for her, and I really hope she shares some photos of the finished sweater, before she "gifts" it away! (Hear that Laura!? I hope so!)


Karen said...

I like the project you are making. It looks easy and fun. my kind of project! Always great ideas. thanks.

ARH3584 said...

Jill, What pattern are you using for this project? Do you guys carry it? I love how it is turning out in the Jojoland Rhythm Superwash and agree with your favorite shades :)