Monday, March 08, 2010


I've been working on my Roo Designs Sheep Roll Neck Sweater over the last week. I am using the Jil Eaton CottonTail. It's really turning out nicely, and I had high hopes that I'd be finished by Sunday. But I'm not.
I made some changes. Remember, you CAN make changes to a pattern! I didn't make any BIG changes, but I did do things differently than how the pattern was written.
  1. For small areas on the sheep (the eyes) I elected to do the duplicate stitch instead of intarsia.
  2. I was supposed to bind off both shoulder seams and then seam them together. Instead, I left the stitches on a holder, and worked a three needle bindoff on each side.
  3. The pattern called for seaming one shoulder seam, then picking up and doing the neck, and then seaming the neck edge along with the second shoulder seam. I don't like to do that - I'm not a fan of any type of seam on a neck edge. So I closed both shoulder seams, and plan to work the neck on double pointed needles. (I'm not quite there yet!)
  4. The sleeve decreases called for a k2tog on both sides of the sleeves. I changed it and worked a k1,ssk at the beginning of the row, and a k2tog,k1 at the end of the row. These slanted decreases line up better.
  5. The sleeve decreases were supposed to be worked every 3 rows. I prefer (and always recommend) to work the decreases on right side rows. I am anal about keeping those slants going the right way, and it's just easier to always do it on the right side rows. Plus, I calculated my row gauge, and there were plenty of rows to make this change from every 3rd row to every 4th row.

I was nearing the home stretch last night, and was working the seams. Look what I found when I got to the bottom!

OOPS! I can now add a final change to this pattern:

6. Cutting the bottom edge off, and re-knitting the bottom back ribbing, cuz, well... clearly I can't count.

Hey, we all screw up!

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