Tuesday, March 09, 2010

Manic-In Monday

It's spring break this week for most of the colleges around here, and the temps have really started to warm up. I was downtown the other day and even though the streets seemed deserted (oh the flux of a college town...) those kids who remained were showing a lot more SKIN!

Even though it's by no means summer weather here in Burlington, Vermont, that mercury is inching up the thermometer. And some people tend to rush it a bit. I was young once too, and went without hats, mittens, scarves... I even wore shorts (horror!) when there was still snow on the ground. Now, at my advanced age, I am much less daring. I prefer to be too warm, rather than too cold. So yesterday, when I got out of my car in my down jacket (it was 54 degrees, but it was cold when I left the house in the morning!) I did a bit of a double take when I saw a 20-something sporting a boob-tube. No coat, no scarf, nothing on the shoulders... just a bit of fabric around the middle. Brrr. Now that's too much (or not enough!) for me. But to each her own.

Anyway, our mannequin is celebrating her youthful side this week. She saw so many college kids in the shop last week - loading up on knitting supplies for those plane and car trips - that she was clearly influenced by their bright, fun & springlike outfits. Time for short sleeves & scoop necks! She's got her handy knitting pouch, since she's planning on meeting up with some friends and knitting down by the lake. After all, the snow's almost gone!
Sweater: Marina Sweater in the Noro Joy Pattern Booklet using Noro Taiyo Yarn
Bag: GoKnits Pouch: lightweight, portable, colorful & great for smaller projects!

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