Tuesday, July 07, 2009

Vintage Wool Marathon for the rainy day blues

Just wanted to share my latest marathon knitting project with you today. I have been working on a wedding gift and it is a good thing that we've been having a lot of rain because I have a long way to go! Take a look at what I have so far:

It's about 40" wide and should be about 50" long when I'm done. I have two more colors to add in and repeats to do, but it already is impressive. I keep pulling it out in the shop to show to customers because I am using the Berroco Vintage Wool in several contrasting shades and it really gives a great example of how this yarn knits.

It is fast to work with, doesn't split, has great flexibility due to the 40% wool content and I'm happy to think of this present as something that won't accidentally be felted by the recipients (who don't happen to be knitters.) It looks great, will wear well, and feels so good!

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Anonymous said...

love this!! pattern??