Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Kids Camp - Day Two

Today is dye-day here at the shop. The kids arrived at 8:30am - all excited to learn more about knitting. The "hands-on" project today is dying yarn, and our guest instructor today is Suzie, who had perfected the art of food coloring dying for these kids. Here she is, waiting for the kids to finish their snacks.
The brightly colored finger wrapping is covering Suzie's left pointer... which met with an unfortunate accident last week. Finger. Wood splitter. Do not try at home. Need I say more? Poor Suzie has a great attitude about the new - yet to be revealed - look of her finger. It is healing, and will be for some time. She is left handed, so she may need some help learning how to hold a pen again, and she was a continental knitter, too. She most likely still will be, but she is back to throwing for right now. (Even losing a finger tip won't stop her from knitting!)

Anyway we were all prepped for the dying. Suzie had organized the supplies,and Shawn and Emily had taken a skein of Cascade 220 for each child and rewound it into three smaller hanks, suitable for dying.We thought it would be more fun if each kid got three colors! It's cold here today, and this was an outside activity. They headed out and thankfully we had the tent, because it started to rain just as they got outside.
They did some group colors:
and then based on Suzie's samples:
they chose some colors on their own: They counted out the drops:
let is sit for a minute:
put in their yarn:

mixed it:
shook it up:
and wrote down what they did in their notebooks for future reference! The yarn will be rinsed late tomorrow and then dried, and then they get to use the ballwinder and umbrella swift for their skeins. Oh, a child's fantasy... to use the ball winder! :)

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