Monday, July 27, 2009

The Dino family is complete

We have another finished dinosaur friend to visit in the shop. Here are Pokey and Spike together!They were so much fun to knit. I just loved using Noro Kureyon for this project! Thanks again to Emily for helping to get all the pieces put together.

The Prehistoric Pals pattern by Knitting at Knoon offers 4 different dinosaur selections. Besides the triceratops and stegasauras there are also patterns for a brachiosaurus and tyranosaurus. One family of knitters told us that if you would like a more friendly tyranosaurus you can sew a smile for him instead of teeth!

Just to share - here is Indigo helping with the pattern. He is making sure I don't lose my place.Don't let Indigo fool you. These patterns are quite easy to follow. If you can handle increases and decreases and are willing to do just a bit of short row work you'll have no problem working on these toys.

Pokey and Spike have made quite an impression on out shop visitors. Many people have commented that Pokey is a famous web personality now!

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Jane said...

Love the dinos and there's Indigo!