Wednesday, July 29, 2009

A college send-off gift

A couple of months ago my sister, Lisa, started crocheting an afghan for her daughter, Meredith, who had just graduated from high school. It's sort of a send-off blanket for Meredith to take to college this fall. Well, Lisa - I know yesterday was about the first bit of summer weather we've had, but you'd better get cracking grannying! Meredith leaves for school in just over 4 weeks!

I stopped in to see Lisa this past Sunday in NH as we were driving back from Maine. I asked to see the blanket. She opened her hutch and this is what I saw!A finisher's worst nightmare! Hopefully my visit (and gentle reminder that she needs to pull out her hook and get moving) will get her motivated to put all of these squares together in the near future. It is going to be gorgeous when it's finished, though!
BTW, she used Berroco Vintage Wool - a perfect choice for this project! Bright, fun colors, super soft, and washable. Remember how much of a pain it was to do laundry when you were in college?

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