Saturday, July 18, 2009

Kids Camp - Days Four and Five

A quick post here, before I head off to a special 9am showing of Harry Potter... and then the car is packed and we're hopping in for our drive to Maine, which should be grey, dark, wet and dreary (what else is new?) The Enchantment Camp that Helen and Sophie went to earlier this summer (here's Sophie in her wizard robe the last day of that camp) has arranged a special showing of the new Harry Potter movie for all of the kids who attended (or will be attending) the Enchantment Camp this summer. So we'll be in the company of many underaged robe wearing wizards this morning. And phew, I finished the book just last night, so I'm ready.

What an amazing week we had. We had the best group of kids at our first kid's knitting camp! They were so much fun, and they learned so much!

Thursday was spinning day. Shawn taught them the basics of spinning and showed them how fun and easy it was. They had some different types of fiber and some dog brushes

and wire coat hangersand with a bit of elbow greaseand determination made their own yarn!

Their felted objects were still drying, but looking good! They made soaps, flowers and balls. Shawn made some peas in a pod, see them?

Then Friday was the last day. They learned a few more knitting techniques and finished up the week by using the ball winder and swift on their own dyed yarn. Once the balls were all wound, they played Knitting Jeopardy. Our front window doubled as the Jeopardy board, and check this out... the kids went right for the more difficult questions! Shawn made up some great questions, really testing what the kids learned this week. And they all did so well. They not only learned how to knit and purl and cast on and bind off and follow a pattern, but they learned so much about fibers, and felting, and dying, and spinning. They had a great time playing the game. One team was the knittersand they played against the purlers, of course.Next summer we hope to see this great group back here at kyarns for Knitting Camp Level 2! Keep knitting kids! And come back and show us how far you've progressed!

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