Thursday, November 06, 2008

An un-traditional sock

So what happened when I went to start my sock yesterday? Needle issues. Don't I always have these? I do socks by using 2 circular needles and this pattern called for size 1 US. I went through my needle binder, and all I could find was an empty Addi Turbo sleeve that should have held a 1/24". The actual needle? MIA. I haven't used size 1 needles in AGES, so I thought I'd do some digging to see if I could find it. I cleaned out about 10 knitting bags and look how many needles I found?
Could I be any more disorganized? I have a wonderful needle binder, but I just can't seem to put things away when I am finished with them. Not only do I not put the needles back in the binder, apparently I can't even manage to put the needles back in the proper sleeves... as you can see from the picture. Must. Try. Harder.

So on the way to the girls' art class after school I had to swing by (well, detour by) the yarn shop. I picked up 2 pair of Addi Turbo needles in size 1/20". I love the 20" length for socks.

I ran some errands in Burlington, and I started the socks while I was waiting for the girls to finish their class. This pattern is really great, but different. You do a provisional cast on, work the heel flap and heel first, then the foot, and then you go back and work up from the provisional cast on. I'm a person who likes the details. I like to have a visual image of what I'm doing. I admit, I like to be in control. This kind of sock is really pushing me out of my comfort zone, and with great results, because I am having fun so far!
And the Piece of Vermont Bamboo Blend sock yarn is luscious! I love the sheen of it... it's just heaven to knit with. I didn't get very far last night, because I was still a bit tired from the late night on Tuesday, but I am looking forward to tonight's knitting!

Suzie, come on in and check out this pattern! I think it would be a really fun class to teach!

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Alex said...

What color is that sock - I don't remember that blue???

I just used the purple for my Estonian Gardan Wrap - and you're right that yarn is DIVINE!!