Sunday, November 16, 2008

Rug Show Favorites

I'm a little behind on posting here. On Thursday I had the day off and enjoyed a nice lunch at in Burlington with my parents. Afterwards, I took my mom to the Rug Show at the Shelburne Museum. It was fantastic! What a great thing to do on a gray, cold, windy and rainy Vermont day. We spent a couple of hours looking at all the rugs and my mom was excited to see mine in the show. Here's my Fish in Line (not sure why it was hung at an angle?)
And my Whimsie (bottom left):
And my Penny Rug Sunflower (bottom left):
Next year maybe I hope to put my "Welcome" rug in the show, but of course, that means I need to finish it. I was inspired though, by seeing all the rugs, so now I'm in the mood to GET IT DONE! I had reached a point of difficulty - I was trying to do the faces and hair of the figures Helen had drawn to represent our family. I wanted the hair to be three dimensional, but I was having a really hard time getting it to look right, so I put it away. Now, after looking at the rugs in the show, I have a few ideas I'm going to try. Stay tuned.

Here are some of my favorites, for various reasons. This is a Primitive Grace pattern - hers were some of my mom's favorites, and mine too! I loved this one: This little foot stool was precious: And I just loved this rug: The braided edging was so cool. See up close? Now I just need to learn how to do it... Here's another fun one with that edging: I really liked the colors used in this rug. Not such a difficult design, but it stood out: And this was at the entrance to the show. Pieces of the wools were in a quiltlike design in the middle. Very creative! These yarn balls are fantastic! What a great use of the wool strips, very textural. Gives me some ideas for hair: And these flowers? Amazing! Another great 3-D rug: This is a close up of some grasses in a pond or lake. Looks like embroidery floss of some sort. Could work for hair? And I LOVED this one. It sort of reminds me of what I'm doing, but this is more an adult's attempt to draw like a child. And my rug is actually a child's drawing. But look! Glasses (which I am going to have on mine - for Helen) and 3-D hair!Another one of my favorites: I loved these pillows:
And the background and colors in this rug were incredible: I took this picture because Marc's aunt used to have a Scottie named Abby. I guess she wasn't the only one! It waas a great show and something to put on your calendar for next November.

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Joy said...

Thanks for sharing the pics from the show. Your work is great, but I already knew that! :) I love the 1896 children and cat. Is that an available design or an original?