Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Small needle knitting with Smooshy

This week I've been speeding through a new project. I'm speeding because I'm not a small needle knitter. So if I don't work on this project a LOT so that I can see progress, it will end up in the UFO bin.

Ever since the new Dream in Color Smooshy yarn arrived the Night Watch shade has been calling to me from across the room. (And we just received two new colors today!) It was time to figure out a project on small needles that I would actually finish.
(I have to admit to you now that I've knit a lot of socks. But most of them never end up with a mate to make a pair!)

Recently I've noticed many customers choosing to knit the Yarndance Slip Stitch Mosaic Hat. It really shows off a variegated yarn with a solid - so I knew the Smooshy would be great for it. I'm also a big fan of Berroco's Ultra Alpaca yarns in all three weights (Ultra Alpaca, Ultra Alpaca Light, and Ultra Alpaca Fine) so I choose a bright heathered green in the Ultra Alpaca Fine to combine with the Smooshy.

And as Jill pointed out this morning, I've finally managed to knit something that is not hand wash! Both the Smooshy and the Ultra Alpaca Fine are machine washable! (Laundry day at my house is always a bit like having small flock of wet sheep around. The smell of wet wool lingers much to the delight of my housemate and feline companion, Indigo.)

I'm really pleased with the look of these yarns together and the pattern is close to being done - check it out!

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