Monday, November 10, 2008

It's all about the feet

I have to say, I'm not a big sock knitter. It's not that I mind them, I just don't wear handknit socks. (I hear the GASP!) I've made several pair of socks for myself, but I have found them just too hot. And, even though fingering weight yarn is pretty thin, the finished socks are a little thicker than I like to wear on my feet.

In my knitting career I've knit many socks, and I've certainly enjoyed making them. But they've always been for me, and never for someone else. And when you know you're making them for yourself, and you're PROBABLY not going to wear them because they'll be too hot, like all the rest you've made... well, it takes the fun out of it.

So why, then, am I'm experiencing a real joy knitting my current socks? It could be that the yarn (A Piece of Vermont Bamboo Blend Sock Yarn) is just gorgeous - is it the color? The shimmer? The super soft bamboo and merino blend? Or is it the pattern I am doing? Heartstrings Fiber Arts Down and Up Lace Socks? A very different - and fun! - kind of sock pattern, which is yielding gorgeous results.

It could be both of those things. But I think the REAL reason I am enjoying knitting these socks is that I am making them for my mom, and I know she is going to love them. It's just a little giftie for her - her birthday is next Thursday, two days after her double knee replacement surgery. I'm sure she's not going to be feeling her best, and she'll definitely be resting a little to recover from the operation. So I thought that a nice pair of cozy handknit socks would be just the ticket. I'm pretty certain that she'll get a warm & fuzzy feeling each time she slips her feet into these socks. She'll know that all of my love went into every little (yes! LITTLE!) stitch while I was knitting these. So it's a real sense of satisfaction that I am getting by knitting them. It's cool! Way better than making socks for someone who doesn't appreciate it (like myself!)

And speaking of socks, today we received a box from Conjoined Creations... with our latest order of Flat Feet sock flats: This time we received the Kaleidoscope colorway, too, since many of you had requested it. I have to say, checking in this order is tough. They don't mark any of the flats, so you are kind of left guessing when it comes to figuring out which flat is "cool brights" - "cool subdued" etc. I put on my thinking cap and sorted it out, and then took an armful down to the shop, where I was met with excited customers!

We've been very busy this week and last week, and we had two nice women from Canada in today who were thrilled with the Flat Feet - one of them snapped up my favorite flat. They were really excited at the yardage. She looked at my sample sock and then I showed her how much yarn I had leftover and she was glad she'd be able to get a nice length sock out of a flat. We were also talking about the toe up socks, and I described my Down and Up Socks to her. Luckily I had brought in my sock, so I grabbed it from my bag upstairs, and she thought it was great. We're going to have to reorder that pattern!

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