Monday, November 24, 2008

Both socks done!

They're finished, and I love them. I know my mom will too. I tried them on, and then gave them a nice bath in Eucalan Woolwash, and they're drying now. Hopefully they'll fit my mom when she's home and the swelling is down a bit. (But she's doing great! Up and walking around well on two new knees.)

This pattern is fun and worth a try if you're into different sock consruction.
Now on to Christmas presents. I have always loved Regia Softy sock yarn. People don't even realize that it's sock yarn, because it's so fuzzy. But it is! And it's exactly what Helen and Sophie would go for. They would NOT wear regular handknit socks, but this fuzzy, cozy stuff!? Right up their alley.

So I'm trying a new sock pattern (that is SO great - and will be online tomorrow) and I'm starting some holiday gift knitting. Will I finish these? They're small, so hopefully!
At least I have a knitting companion...

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