Wednesday, November 05, 2008

Do nerves make you knit faster?

Sometimes tighter, but for me, last night as I was watching the election returns, I can honestly say I was knitting faster. I cruised through my Inside Outside scarf and even managed to block it, just minutes before the 11pm excitement. I just love it!
(And look! It's BLUE, just like Vermont!) The Nashua Handknits Vignette is a gorgeous yarn. I had never knit with it before, and I wasn't sure I'd like it. But I really did! It combined beautifully with the Cascade Baby Alpaca Chunky, and the result is a cushy scarf, that is beautiful on both sides. As I was knitting it the garter edge really didn't want to lay flat, but I'm happy to say that after blocking, it's working much better!

We had a lot of people in the shop in the past few days who were all hopeful the election was going to go their way, whichever way that was. We asked them, and they all had knitting projects planned for last night. Seems that the "reducing stress" benefit that we get from knitting was a common thing yesterday! When I got home from work, I fixed everyone a quick dinner, and sat down in front of the TV. My girls don't really watch TV, but last night was an exception! As I was watching, I started a new project: the Jade Sapphire Plum Lotus Scarf.
It's not a scarf that would normally appeal to me, but I've sold SO many copies of it in the past few weeks. And when we're restocking patterns each morning, "Plum Lotus Scarf" seems to be on the list every day. After a few days, I couldn't resist any longer! Anyway, I started last night, but after 8 rows, and coming up short on my stitch count, I realized that a lace project, on small needles, requiring concentration on a graph was just not the project for election night knitting. That's why I decided to finish my Inside Outside Scarf. Much better choice!

I also finished the twisted cord fringe on my Jojoland Rhythm scarf and am pleased with the results. There's something so wonderful about this type of fringe... it definitely takes longer to do, but I think it's so worth it.
And this morning, though I would like to start my Plum Lotus Scarf, I decided I would make something for my mom. She's having double knee replacement surgery next week and I think a nice pair of socks will be a special recuperation gift. I chose a beautiful color of A Piece of Vermont Bamboo Blend sock yarn and I'm going to make the Heartstrings Fiber Arts Down and Up Lace Socks. I think they'll be just the ticket as she's recovering.

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