Thursday, October 16, 2008

A work of art

Yesterday I left work and picked up the girls after school. They have an art class in Burlington on Wednesday afternoons. Acrylic painting... they love it! It's so nice for a kid to be able to get messy, be creative, and just paint, paint, paint for two straight hours!

Usually I have errands to run, but yesterday I really didn't feel like spending any money. If I went to Church Street, even just to wander, I would probably end up buying something. And I was determined to keep the plastic IN the wallet.

So I decided to hang out in the little lounge next to the art class. And I created a little artwork of my own! Look how gorgeous it is when you combine a super bulky with a lace weight yarn! I grabbed a skein of Colinette Point 5 in Morroco and a skein of Madil Kid Seta in #681 and the result is spectacular.

Speaking of spectacular, a few shots of some fall color around here. This is the back entrance to the shop:
Vines on a wall downtown near the art studio: And another burst of color against the blue sky. Too bad it rained most of today!P.S. Cashsoft 4ply is on closeout. Get it while you can.

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