Monday, October 06, 2008

Two great scarves

A couple of weeks ago Barb wanted a new project. We had just gotten in the Queensland Collection Rustic Wool Tweed and we thought we should come up with a scarf that would appeal to both men and women. Something with a nice stitch pattern - not too boring - but not so feminine that men would run screaming. The yarn is so soft and beautiful, and it has several colors that are fabulous for men.

Barb searched for days and came up with the Ripple Stitch Reversible Scarf Pattern. It's not the same on both sides, but the reverse side is nice. (I can't stand scarf patterns that are only one-sided... whose scarf ever stays put and doesn't flip over?)This yarn is a great deal. It's got 278 yards for only $16! We've already sold it to several people for men's sweaters. It's perfect for that... great colors, tweedy, soft.

Another yarn Barb wanted to knit with was the Tilli Tomas Beaded Lace. This yarn, though a bit more costly than the Rustic Wool Tweed, is just gorgeous. Two skeins (and we had some left!) made this elegant scarf. Barb did lots of swatching and found that this stitch pattern was perfect for this yarn. The Beaded Catena Scarf - as we are calling it - would also look good in a non-beaded yarn. But we love beads, they just add that little something extra.

Both scarves are available as knitting kits, or you can buy the patterns separately and use your own choice of yarn.


Lynda said...

I like the beaded one. Would look good for work!

choo choo knits said...

I like the beaded one as well! And am dying to know which yarn you're using in the photo from your race post :o) It looks like it works up quickly and is such a great colorway (*think holiday gift ideas!!!*)