Monday, October 27, 2008

Christmas projects

I just started another project... on top of all the other ones I have going. Last year I had the high hopes of giving each of my sons a hand knit sweater from me. They seemed to both show interest in having me knit them sweaters, and that hadn't happened in years!

Andrew got his sweater - all neatly folded in a tissue paper, in a wrapped box. Poor Eli received a wrapped book. I had picked a pattern out for him, but hadn't even gotten to the point of purchasing the yarn. Months later, I finished Eli's sweater. Both of them were thrilled, and love their sweaters.

This year a friend of mine (I won't mention any names) teased me about how I didn't finish Eli's sweater and had to give him a book in it's place. So I decided to start a little earlier this year and use bulkier yarn.

I picked a new yarn we have in the shop: Nashua Handknits Granite yarn. The color is gorgeous. Ever since we got it, it has been calling out to me each time I walk by it. (It's extremly hard to work in a yarn shop. You just can't control yourself!)

I'm using the color Blue Brown:and am making a pattern right out of the Nashua Handknits Quarry pattern booklet. It's a great guy sweater and with bulkier yarn I'm hoping it goes quickly. This time, in time for Christmas!

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