Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Jojo came, but doesn't seem to want to stay!

Well, it's not as awful as that. But the Jojoland yarns and patterns arrived last Friday and we have already sold a BUNCH of them. Quite a few people have jumped on the Swirl Shawl bandwagon:and several others have gone the way of the Autumn Shawl: I am partial to the Ripple Shawl: Still others have chosed the cashmere scarf patterns that only take one skein of the Jojoland Cashmere. This yarn is to DIE FOR! it is so unbelievably soft and one skein = 400 yards = JUST $21.60! Now that's a deal if I ever saw one.

I just love the cashmere scarf we received as a sample: It's so pretty, and really different from others I've seen. It would make a really nice holiday gift for someone special.

There's also a really cool crocheted scarf pattern that uses the cashmere... but I might push Barb to make that one. I'm not sure I would have the patience to finish it. Start it... sure. Finish it... don't think so. At least I'm honest!

So today I had to reorder about 7 colors of all of these yarns. I think that's a record, and this is all from sales in the shop... no online orders, as these yarns and knitting kits weren't even on our website until late this morning.

Funny thing - as I was adding the yarns and kits to our website, I would publish the data every so often, and then go back and check to make sure everything was correct. It usually takes about 20 minutes or so to show up live on the website, so I move on to other tasks while I am waiting to see the changes. At 12:27 this afternoon, as I was waiting for the data to publish I heard a "DING" and checked my Inbox... Mandy E. from Orlando, Florida had just ordered the Swirl Shawl kit AND the Autumn Shawl kit, literally the MINUTE they had been added to the site. She ordered before I was able to check it... luckily there were no mistakes! It's always so cool when it happens like that.

And Mandy, if you read this... we got your order in time to ship today. You'll have it on Thursday!

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Kristine said...

That Autumn shawl looks like just the thing I need to make a wool blankie for Lucy for the winter...looks like it would be perfect for using up bits and pieces of sock yarn.