Monday, October 20, 2008

Next up, a hat for herself

So Helen knit pretty much all weekend, and she finished her scarf last night and learned to weave in the ends. The Plymouth Encore Mega was perfect for this project. This morning she took it in to give to her teacher. Only two mistakes teeny mistakes - not bad for her first real project!After she finished the scarf last night, she started talking about her next project... yay! It seems she's hooked! I told her if she'd like, I could teach her to knit in the round. Her eyes LIT UP when I told her. I think I'll have her knit a Super Bulky Button Hat, which is our most popular hat this fall, and most popular free pattern. Our shop sample is in Malabrigo Chunky, but I will have her make hers in the Encore Mega. More reasonable for kids, plus, it's washable.

Poor thing - she was so excited about making a hat, that apparently she didn't turn her light off right away last night when I put her to bed. I went in this morning to wake her up and this is what I found on her desk.
"Mom's Hat Designs" with a whole bunch of different drawings of hats. I like the "Mom's Choice" hat, which is an all-in-one concept. How cute! I think we have a budding knit designer on our hands. I can't wait until she's old enough to work here!


baby face said...

I think her scarf is lovely. I'm
sure her hat will be a knock out.
My granddaughter is a little older
than she is, but she just knit
her first pair of socks. I'm glad
the younger generation is picking
up the art of making their own or
someone else's garments.

Ann said...

way to go helen! she must be so excited. she looks proud in the picture.

Anonymous said...

Wow, these pictures are great!

Anonymous said...

Wow, these drawings are great!