Friday, August 01, 2008

Time to relax

So tomorrow morning I'm off to our camp in Maine for a week of R&R. Actually, I hope it's R&R with some K on the side, because I do have some knitting projects that are coming with me.

My Manos afghan (nice that it's worked in pieces!), a cute hat out of King George, and a little baby sweater. My cousin recently had a baby girl and I had a really hard time picking something out... I finally did it today, so I'll post pictures as I progress. I'm using a Nashua Handknits pattern and Cascade Cotton Rich Dk - I just LOVE that yarn, and I really love the great colors.

Hint: I'm using 4 colors, but only supposed to use 1. It's girly, but not too girly, and it's NOT pink. I'm hoping it looks cute and works out, yardage-wise. We'll see... what fun!

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