Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Chilly mornings call for hats!

When the weather turned cold last fall, my son William called home from college and asked me to knit him a hat. It was his first year away and apparently the Castleton campus is pretty windy.

He just went back for his second year, and I thought I'd be one step ahead of his request this year. So I made him two hats last weekend. It was also a great excuse to knit with two of our brand new Berroco fall yarns, Cuzco and Peruvia Quick. I must say I really enjoyed the yarns! They both knit up so quickly and were so soft. I'm definitely going to make a hat for myself with one of these yarns.

The Peruvia Quick hat was a simple cable and rib, and the Cuzco hat was an easy rib pattern.Both were quick and are unisex. Great gift ideas!

We've already had quite a few chilly mornings here in VT – so hat season is not far off. In fact our local schools started yesterday and many of the children at the bus stops were in sweatshirts, sweaters or jackets. It was chilly. I am sorry to see the summer go, but ready for a change of season and more knitting!

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