Thursday, August 14, 2008

Look what I found in the garden!

So my garden this year has been a bit challenged. I planted late, and most of what I planted either came up poorly, or not at all. I'm glad I split a CSA with my neighbor this summer - because my garden would not have supplied me much in the way of vegetables.

I did manage a crop of sugar snap peas, several nice pickings of yellow, green and purple bush beans, early lettuces and some parsley. My basil is coming in... again, I planted it late. My cherry tomatoes are less than stellar this year. And of course, I had rhubarb - but that's easy.

My zucchini plant has been somewhat of a disappointment. I started it late and sowed it directly into the garden. I planted 6 seeds in the hill and was going to thin to 2, but only 1 ended up sprouting, so nature did it's own thinning. The plant itself has lots of leaves, and lots of flowers, but not much in the way of zucchini. And I noticed a few weeks ago that there was a huge hole under the back part of the hill. I didn't know what it was, but figured it was some drainage sink hole that occured from all the heavy rains we've had.

Today I saw that my 5th zucchini was perfectly ready for the picking. I reached my hand WAY into the plant, under the leaves to pull it when all of a sudden... something moved. I realized that just beyond the zucchini was something furry. At first I thought it was a squirrel. I hate backyard rats squirrels. So I froze. But when I looked more carefully I realized that I was staring at two teeny tiny baby bunnies!One scurried to the corner of the garden...

and then the second one scurried...

and then a THIRD one scurried...

and the poor FOURTH one was scared stiff and didn't move a bit...

So I terrified four little bunnies just because I wanted that zucchini. Well, they're adorable and we watched them scurry around just a bit. I did manage to steal that zucchini (hey - it's only my 5th! I couldn't sacrifice it) And now I know what that hole was for. So maybe I didn't do too well in the produce department this year, but I grew some bunnies!

And in knitting news (what's that? just kidding!) I started a hat out of King George last night. Now I see why Suzie and Barb rave about this yarn. I am in love!!!! It's so soft. I'd love a sweater out of it for this winter.

So there are definitely a few things shop related things to post about, but it's been a busy week at the shop. Barb's on vacation and we've been busy! I had no childcare this week, so Michele's been working extra to help us all out - thanks Michele! I have lots to show over the next couple of weeks (like an AMAZING new sweater sample - thanks to Karen, our newest - and very talented - sample knitter!) but I have a birthday party to deal with first. The girls turned 9 on Sunday and the party is this weekend. We're taking a few friends to the Montshire Museum this weekend.

We took a great photo of Helen at age 9 and Sophie at age 8. It doesn't last for long (only 18 minutes) but since Helen is always pulling rank and saying she's the oldest, we thought we'd throw her a bone. I thought they were 15 minutes apart, but I found the birth announcement, and lucky Helen, she's just gained an extra 3 minutes.

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