Monday, August 18, 2008

Someone needs mittens this year...

It's a well known fact that my hands are always freezing in the winter. I just didn't realize how cold they were in the summer!

For Helen & Sophie's birthday, we took them and 6 of their friends for a fun day at the Montshire Museum of Science yesterday. This exhibit showed how warm or cold the different parts of your body were.
Compare my fingers to Marc's. Looks like I should be wearing mittens in August. I may have to search Ravelry for a nose warmer pattern, since my nose isn't looking much warmer.

The day was great. Eight great kids, a lot of fun, and a very full (and long!) day. We slept well last night, for sure.

The ONLY downside was that I didn't have knitting time in the car. I didn't think to rent a 10-12 passenger van until the night before the party and by then they were all sold out. Drat! So instead of letting Marc drive (and me knit!) I had to drive my car, as well. Oh well, next time.
Let's see, I think there could be a road trip to Target in the near future... that will give me some good knitting time!

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Lucy said...

I might have to go to that museum just to see how cold MY hands are in August; they're always freezing!

The funny thing is that my husband and I were driving north on Sunday and saw the two K Yarns vehicles go by--we made up stories about where you might have been coming from...secret wool festival? soccer tourney?